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In a Time of Disruption, What Stays the Same?

Last night I was curled up, wearing a face mask, watching one of my favorite shows, and thinking about how intense the last month has been. So many routines have changed and the whole world it seems, is on it's head. 

But as I lounged there, with literal clay on my face, I realized very comfortingly, that the routine I was currently employing was the same routine I'd had before COVID-19, and it will be the same routine I'll have after it's gone. 

They say that only two things are certain, death, and taxes, but I'm going to add "skincare" in there too, just for good measure. It's the one routine that I keep up because it's impossible to relax with that end-of-the-day grimy feeling hanging around in my pores. And that's a good thing, because I NEED that little bit of normalcy, now more than ever. It might be simple, but It's simply perfect, having that small piece of time I can strip off the make-up, the dirt, the stress of my family's life being stuck on pause, and return to that naked face I'm so familiar with. 

That's the magic of a routine that works, and one that's truly sustainable in every facet of my life. It's the magic of having something I don't have to change even while everything else is changing around me. It's the kind of routine that this whole company is about. Routines and products that are maintainable, easy to implement, and absolutely essential in your daily function no matter what is going on outside. 

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