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Lessons Learned at SXSW

I had the opportunity to participate in a pop-up in downtown Austin during SXSW, which happened to coincide during my husband's spring break from school, so we packed up our whole crew and took a roadtrip. 

I wish I could say this event was absolutely incredible, but if you do markets as often as I do, you're bound to end up in a few that are less than stellar, and unfortunately that's what happened here. But, (big BUT) there was a silver lining. Let me tell you about these amazing women who were set up with me in our little 2nd St. shop. 

On our last day of the pop up, and with a general air of determination, we banded together to bring the people in and hopefully turn the event around. First we set up a coffee/mimosa station at the front of the store and let customers sip while they shopped. I created a flier and we spread it around the local shops, and then we settled on one product from each of our lines to create a giveaway for one of our lucky customers. And guess what, it worked! Our last day was a success, and best of all it gave us a lasting confidence in ourselves and each other, as creators, and as a community of makers, all invested in each other's success. You can check out each one of these incredible woman made & run businesses right here-

Monee Elizabeth crafts delicate gold filled jewelry for pieces you can wear with anything.

Ana Aguilar Jewelry creates mindfully made jewelry from ethically sourced metals and stones. 

Naer's Embroidery takes colorful Chinese embroidery and fits it into unique rings, earrings, cuffs, and necklaces. 

The Naturalist Co. bakes polymer clay into simple shapes and beads for minimalist jewelry and accessories. The Naturalist Co. is also a Bryan, TX local just like us!


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