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Minimal Products, Miminal Routine

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If you didn't already know, I'm a mom. And my babies are little. Like diapers and bottles and 2 naps a day little. And it is WORK! On top of which I run this business, and volunteer, and go to the gym, and only occasionally wash the dishes. So when do I find the time to wash my own face?

I could swipe a bar of soap over my face in the shower and call it a day, but I have (and always have had) oily, acne prone skin. A bar of soap just doesn't cut it, in fact, it actually harms my skin. The further I go in the world of skincare, the more I find that it doesn't cut it for a lot of us.

But that doesn't mean you need a 10+ step routine with ingredient lists longer than a CVS receipt. 

The Wild House line grew out of a desire for three things. Saving time, saving your skin, and saving (or at least helping) the environment. Sustainability is a topic for another few blogs down the line, because here I really want to focus on why these products make a minimal routine, and why that actually benefits your skin and not just your free time.  

Your skin has its own little environment of bacteria, oil, new skin cells, old skin cells, and hair follicles. This environment changes and disrupts with the addition of hormones, diet, and external factors.

Hormones are the most difficult thing about our skin to change. No topical skincare product is going to stop your PMS breakout, or your stress breakout during finals week, or your post childbirth & adjusting to breastfeeding breakout.

You can change your diet, but girl I get it, that Dr. Pepper just calls my name sometimes and I NEED IT with that side of fries. Unfortunately I won't be needing that pimple on my chin a few days later. 

External factors include things like the amount of pollution in the air where you live, how often you touch your face and what's on your hands when you do, the makeup you wear, the bacteria on your makeup applicator, your pillowcase, your favorite ball cap, basically anything that comes in contact with your skin. 

All of these can be hard to change, and sometimes impossible to eliminate. And any skincare product that promises to do that, is lying to you. The good news though, is you can manage all of these issues in a healthy way. And that is really the key to good skincare, good management

So how does Wild House help you manage your skin? In the simplest way possible of course! Out of five total products, only two are for daily use on your face. The others, while being essential in a complete routine, can take a backseat until you need them once a week. 

Products like our Oil Cleanser maintains constant hydration on your skin by never completely stripping your pores. From oily to dry skin types you need hydrated skin, and you can't always fix that with a moisturizer. Your cleanser should enhance the natural function of your skin by assisting your oil production to be more consistent, which is exactly what an oil cleanser can do for you no matter what skin type you have. An oil cleanser also encompases a makeup remover, facial cleanser, and moisturizer in one product, meaning less steps in your routine and less ingredients your skin needs to adjust to. Click on the picture below to shop our Oil Cleansers.

oil cleanser

Our Clay Masks are a fantastic deep cleanser I recommend you use once a week to help draw impurities in the deeper layers of your skin to the surface. This means helping that really deep pimple come to a head, not making that deep pimple vanish overnight. Each of our clay masks have added dry botanicals to improve your complexion while you relax for a few minutes with clay slathered on your face. Botanicals like green tea, aloe, florals, coffee, and activated charcoal. Shop our Clay Masks by clicking on the picture below. 

Clay Mask

Our Serums broadly target two common skin issues- aging, and acne. The Prima Donna is a vitamin, antioxidant rich serum for preventing new fine lines and wrinkles, while our Ingenue serum is made to add specific fatty acids to the surface of your skin, helping to prevent breakouts. Read more about each serum and choose the right one for you by clicking the picture below. 


The Body Scrubs are an excellent exfoliator for both face and body, however facial use should be limited to once a week to avoid irritation. Our scrubs are sugar and oil formulations, and preservative free. We add many of the same botanical ingredients to our scrubs that we add in our masks, giving you consistency in products, and scents. Shop scrubs by clicking the photo below.

body scrub

Our Lotion Bars are a fantastic body moisturizer, however we only sell them seasonally to avoid any shipping disasters. They're not a soap, but a solid body butter you use AFTER the bath, and they'll be available again this September!

lotion bar


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