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New Things, New Year

It's almost the new year and 2018 is going to be full of new products, and some improvements in the products you already know and love. 

First up, Body Cream. Keep an eye out for our Body Cream release during the month of February. We had made a cream before our website launch but we've taken the time to re-work the formula to give you a cream for face and body that is incredibly smooth, hydrating, and healthy for your skin from the outside in. 

Next on the list, Toner! I am currently on vacation for the holidays and during our 2 days of flying, on a 14 hour layover, I stopped in Denver for a mini facial at the Heads Up Salon and Spa. The Esthetician was amazing and let me talk almost all the way through my facial, which was a great experience. During our conversation I asked about how to get rid of blackheads which seem to plague me. She recommended using a toner as part of my skincare regiment. I'll be honest I wasn't the biggest fan of using a toner because all the ones I've ever used have dried my skin, but I thought why not give it another chance. So basically the benefit of a toner is that it closes the pores after you've cleaned your face, helping them stay cleaner longer, and cleaner pores never look as large as dirty ones. So Toner it is. I'm only looking to develop one toner rather than one for each product line so this will probably be available soon, and I will announce via instagram when this is released.

Third, for the hair, a protein treatment. I will actually be developing two different kinds of protein treatments, one as a standard hair treatment, and another as a......surprise. It won't be announced until it's release, which I'm planning for this summer, and I can hardly wait. As for the hair treatment, I've been struggling with my current hair product, the hair mask, and a heat serum I was testing that didn't turn out nearly as light as I'd hoped. So rather than sell products I wasn't 100% behind, I pulled the hair mask and chose not to release the heat serum. And I figured out I'd much rather develop a protein treatment that will do more for your hair, especially ethnic hair types, than either of my first two hair products. 

Short news, I'm also bringing out a lotion bar for the Wild Man line, just searching for the perfect mold. 

You may notice a price increase on a couple of our products and I want to let you know what you're getting for the extra few dollars. We want to provide you with the highest quality ingredients in our products and eventually, 100% organic oils and butters. This switch to more organic ingredients than the ones we currently use is one we want to take gradually to maintain some of our price points for us and for you. 

Much love, stay wild, and get ready for 2018. 


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