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Less Clutter, More Confidence

Beach selfie in Aruba

That's me, on the beach, in Aruba! And what a perfect place to get away and refresh my vision for this year. I had the amazing opportunity to meet in Aruba with other like-minded female entrepreneurs and enjoy their expertise, advice, and encouragement. The key lesson I came away with, is the importance of building relationships. Relationships with my family, with my fellow small business bosses, and with you. 

Even if we never meet face to face I am grateful for each and every order that comes in, not just because that pays my bills, but because it shows the support and trust you are giving me to create a product you will use in a very personal way. 

Skin care used to feel so time intensive, from the routine itself to waiting for a miracle cure for skin that never seemed to cooperate. There was clutter on my bathroom counter to rival the drugstore beauty aisle. Now though? Just two products, my Oil Cleanser and Serum. Every week I pull out a Clay Mask and take a minute to refresh and deep clean my face and reflect on the simple relationship I now have with myself, and my skincare routine. 

In 2020 this brand is about less focus on the blemishes, and more focus on confidence because you have a product that works. Less time spent in front of the mirror, and more time spent smiling for a selfie you're not scared to take. Less time digging through half empty bottles and jars and more beauty sleep because your routine only takes five minutes. In 2020, we are about simplicity, because who has time for clutter? We are about building that relationship with you, to inspire you with the confidence to crush your skincare goals all year long. 

To make finding and ordering the right combination of products as easy as possible, we've simplified the process by providing the products most often used together in convenient, customizable collections. 

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  • Katherine-excited to hear how well things are going. I assume you are moved and settled and into your new life. You are so correct that it is all about relationships. I call them connections. People so crave feeling connected-be it family, friends, communities, work related, etc. I continue to value being connected to you and Wild House!

    Candice Moore

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