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One Last Blog for 2018!

It’s my favorite time of the year, I love this whole holiday season when everyone is celebrating and gathering with the people they love. As I’ve gotten older it’s become more a season of gratitude, and I would like to thank all of my incredibly wonderful customers for your support, my friends, and my family, for helping to push me and this business along. There are a few very exciting things coming and I’d like to take this opportunity to announce ALL of them!

Closing Up Shop (Temporarily!)

We’ve officially been in business for 2 years this January and have needed to take some time for website maintenance, work on the brand, and even just a small break. We will be temporarily closing our website from Dec. 21st  2018 to February 1st 2019. December 20th is the final day to place orders with us online, and it is the last day to order so that your packages can arrive by Christmas. Please be sure to select the appropriate shipping options for your location to ensure that your things arrive when you need them to. During our temporary shut-down we will be making lots of magic happen and come the 1st of February you will get to see it all! We will also be hosting a grand re-opening via Facebook (time/date TBA) for all of our followers to shop the products and get stocked up once more.  

The Brand Re-Design!

While the products are largely staying the same (save a few ingredients that are getting upgraded) the look is changing. We will be simplifying labels on all bottles, adding sleek new boxes to most products, and doing away with size variations in our scrubs. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to effectively use our products, while still maintaining our minimalist and sustainability image. All of our boxes will be fully recyclable or compostable so you don’t have to crowd your counter tops or landfills with the leftover packaging.

Discontinuations and Ingredient Changes

Some of you may have noticed that our Wild Man line has been heavily discounted at 40% off for a couple of months now. This is in effort to sell our current stock before we discontinue the products. I know a few of our bearded friends will be sad, but we will scour the skincare community for some great beard grooming companies to recommend so we can leave you in the best of hands. It is simply not feasible for us to continue marketing both beard grooming and more traditional skincare as we have been. After Dec. 20th our Wild Man products will no longer be available online and they are being pulled from our current stockists on Dec 14th (Market 1023, Bryan, TX) and Jan 5th (Vintage Emporium, Idaho Falls, ID).

In addition to discontinuing the Wild Man line we are doing away with multiple sizes for our scrubs. The scrubs will now come in a single 6oz size glass jar with a fully wrapped label. We wanted to offer you more than a 4oz size, but our 8oz sizes have never been popular, so we’re going with a 6 and hopefully it’s the perfect compromise!

A few of our ingredients will also be changing. In an effort to make our brand even cleaner than it was before, we are swapping our remaining refined oils for their organic, cold-pressed counterparts! This applies to our sweet almond and apricot kernel oils. We will also be switching to organic Carnauba wax instead of beeswax in our body bars to make our products 100% vegan friendly. These ingredient changes, alongside our packaging updates, will also come with a price increase. Keep in mind however that the products are improving, not only in quality and look, but in their ability to impact the environment less during the entire production process from growing to bottling. We are so excited to offer our tried and true products with even better ingredients, and we’re confident you’ll notice the difference on your skin.

The (actual) Wild House is Growing!

In the middle of all these changes I am also having our second baby! We’re looking forward to tackling the challenge of a newborn as actual parents this time and simply ask for your good vibes and prayers that everything goes smoothly as our new child enters this world.

Last But Not Least…

If you have any questions about products you’re interested in, products you’ve already been using, or comments you want us to hear, please don’t hesitate to let us know! Our website may be closed to sales but our Blog will still be accessible, and you can reach Wild House directly though email, our Facebook page, or via Instagram. Thanks to all of you readers and have a fantastic holiday season!   

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  • I really miss my Black Gold cleanser. Wish I’d bought the $22 bottle instead of the &15.
    Do you have any ?


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