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Opening weekend!

I may be opening to the sound of crickets, or I may actually see some sales, but either way, I am super excited to finally be open. 

Wild House has been my baby for about 3 years now and it all started with a trip to the Smithville, Mississippi. I was In the military, stationed in Japan, and decided to take leave because my best friend had just given birth to her first baby. Now if you don't know where Smithville is, or that it even existed, don't feel bad, I didn't know either. It happens to be right in the middle of nowhere. It is green and humid and the houses are far enough apart that you can sit on your front lawn without seeing your neighbors. You also don't get reception. My friend had a massive collection of herbal use guides, and an even larger collection of herbs, from which she made teas, tinctures, and other things and I was fascinated. Over the week that I stayed I searched for a natural solution for my notoriously terrible acne and sensitive skin, and when my friend handed me her shea butter and some beeswax, it was like I'd found the holy grail. 

I almost immediately thought I could turn this into a business, so for the next couple years I made "stuff". I can only describe some of those early formulas as "stuff" because they resemble nothing that I currently make today, and they probably don't resemble anything you should really be putting on your skin. But hey, we all have our Dr. Frankenstein moments.  The three years before today have been a challenge, in both perfecting a product and learning to manage a business in the midst of a number of life experiences. I have gotten married, had a baby, separated from the military, moved three times, started college (again) all while trying to turn that spoonful of shea butter and some beeswax into something that makes your body better than it was before. Wild House has become a living, breathing business in that time, and I am immensely proud to bring each and every one of these products to market. Your body deserves the best this earth has to offer, and we owe it to the wild world to leave her better than we found it. Natural and sustainable are not just catchy words to put on labels, they are the driving passions behind this brand and I thank you for letting me share that passion with you today. 


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