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Scrub Like You Mean It: Where Exfoliation Fits In Your Skincare Routine

It would seem like there's a million products out there to do magical things to your skin. Serums that seem to promise a glow like a fresh baby unicorn, cleansers that bring back your pre-pubescent pores, and masks that quite possibly contain the tears of angels. We get it, sometimes it's fun to indulge, but what does your skin truly need?

The answer is pretty basic, and good skincare can be summed up in 3 steps, and sometimes 5. 

Everyday should generally be a 3 step process using (1) a cleanser, (2) a toner (or some other means of closing your clean pores), and (3) a moisturizer. 

Your sometimes process should be a weekly or twice weekly routine, depending on how sensitive your skin in. (1) Cleanser, (2) EXFOLIATE, (3) mask, (4) toner, (5) moisturize. 

If you want to add eye treatments, wrinkle serums, lip scrubs or whatever it is the kids are doing these days, by all means add them, but by understanding how your skin works first, you'll be able to better know where to fit these extra products into your routine. 

Your skin produces oil (yes, even if you have dry skin) throughout the day. You also constantly shed dead skin cells, even if you can't see them. Dirt, bacteria, dust, and all kinds of particulates from the environment mix with your skin's natural oils and dead skin cells and this is what fills up your pores all day and all night long. To say nothing of the breakouts and blemishes caused by the inner workings of our bodies like hormones, diet, etc. 

After cleansing, and only once or twice a week, you should exfoliate. The dead skin you naturally shed builds up, clogging your pores and making your skincare products less effective. Exfoliation is an essential step for removing this dead skin and revealing the fresh, new skin beneath. Our Body Scrubs in the Flower Child and Happy Hippy line are both gentle enough for the face. Our Black Gold Body Scrub is a little more coarse as a result of the coffee grounds in the scrub and may be too rough for some with sensitive skin. You should avoid exfoliating too often because constantly scrubbing your skin will cause micro tears, which will inflame and irritate your skin, causing more breakouts. So keep it light. Without dead skin in the way all of your other products, including your serum that makes you glow like a baby unicorn, will be able to penetrate deeper into your skin and be more effective. 

After exfoliating is the best time to use a mask, for all the reasons mentioned above. After all of this you need to close your pores to maintain their clean fresh status for as long as possible, and then you moisturize. We like to use our Cleansing Oils as a moisturizer because If you could use one product for two purposes, why wouldn't you?? 

What kind of things do you expect out of your scrubs? Have you tried our new scrubs yet? Check them out and let us know what you think!

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