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Spa Seminar, Relaunch Date, And Everything New

Hello you beautiful people! 

It's been a while, here's what I've been up to while I've been away. 

First things first, I had a baby! She's beautiful, and fussy, and demands to be held from sun up to sun down. But who needs sleep anyway right? We love her despite not sleeping, and she's doing her best to make our house just a little wilder. 

Other things you may have noticed, we did not relaunch on the 1st as planned (see the above paragraph about having a baby). However, things are underway now and we're ready to announce a firm date. Drumroll please...We will be officially relaunching all products on Feb. 22nd! We'll also have a number of old stock items on clearance.  

The last (but not least) thing we want you to know about is our upcoming Spa Seminar. Thursday, Feb. 21st we'll be at Market 1023 in Downtown Bryan, TX for a night of interactive skincare tutorials, learning about the natural functions of your skin and how to adopt a minimalist routine with products that work. We'll have samples for you to use during the class, and samples to take home. You'll also enjoy 10% off any of our full size products purchased during the event. Tickets are on sale right now and you can get yours here

We can't wait to get going with new markets this spring and show you all our new and improved products!

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