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Use Guide

Some of you may be new to some of these products so I have a simple use-guide for easy reference. This guide is also mailed out with every order so you can have an on hand copy too. If you don't see all of these products on the website, they may not be available yet or might be seasonal like our Body Bars.

CLEANSING OILS: Massage oil into face for a minute or longer, even if wearing make-up, and wipe off with a hot damp towel. You can do this twice if you are wearing a lot of make-up to ensure it all comes off. Moisturize with a few drops of oil or your choice of a gentle lotion.

BODY BARS: Rub bar onto skin to melt a small amount of the oils and massage into skin with your hands. Store the bar wrapped in wax paper or in a plastic bag. If the bar becomes exposed to heat and gets too soft, you can place in a cool place and let it harden. **This bar is NOT a soap and should not be used in the shower or exposed to water.

 CLAY MASKS: Mix 1-2 Tbs of dry clay mix with water (or another liquid you prefer) until it is a thick clay consistency. Spread over your face and relax. Rinse the mask off when the edges begin to dry and crack. **It is best to rinse the mask off when it is still damp or it may become difficult to remove.

 HAIR MASKS: Massage into dry or damp hair from tip to root and cover with a hot damp towel for at least an hour. The longer the mask is left in your hair, the more effective it will be at moisturizing. Shampoo and condition as usual when ready. 


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