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What's With The Newspaper??

When you open the mail, or unfurl your morning paper, you usually find a pile of ads that you  probably throw away. I've turned that trash into something useful, saving cost, saving extra packaging materials, and saving the fuel and packaging involved in shipping those new materials to me to pack around your orders and send to you. It is a sheet of old ads I am incredibly passionate about. Whenever possible I reuse the cardboard boxes and paper products my bulk ingredients are shipped to me in. Sometimes I do need a new box, or a smaller box, but I always have a steady supply of newspaper shipped right to my mailbox daily, by the USPS, for free. 

I put newspaper in my product photos. I re-use the brown paper packed around my ingredients, and it creates an aesthetic to reinforce one of the core beliefs of my business, to reuse. I think there is an incredible amount of waste in the cosmetic industry. Every product we buy is packaged in the first layer-the container- which is then sometimes packaged in another container, usually a box or a bag, which is then put in packing materials like packing peanuts or bubble wrap, or brown paper and then put in yet another box and shipped off. By the very first time you use your product you have thrown away 3 layers of packaging, and by the end of your products life you will probably throw away the container. 

A lot of cosmetic containers don't present themselves for easy re-use, and a lot are not made with recyclable plastics or can even be recycled themselves, creating a whole industry of waste. And how can we be a company, built on the ingredients found in the earth, if we don't actively participate in making the Earth a healthier place? Our products are packaged in containers that lend themselves to easy reuse or recyclability, and locally, I can collect the used containers and recycle them into new products myself. My labels are minimal to reduce the amount of ink it takes to print, and the trash produced when the label is peeled off and the container recycled. And once ordered, it's all wrapped up in newspaper that's been given a new purpose and a second use. l urge you to extend the life of the packing materials as you receive them, and send them on, wrapped around something sent to someone else, effectively keeping it out of the trash and landfills, and to find creative uses for your jars and bottles as you use the product within. 

Stay wild. 

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