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Why You Should Try The Oil Cleansing Method, And Why It Might Be Better Than Soap

If you're new to the Wild House line of products, let us introduce you to our game changer, the Cleansing Oil. 



One of the most important functions of any product at Wild House is to enhance your skin's natural functions, NOT replace them, and the Cleansing Oil is built to do exactly that as a gentle daily cleanser. 



As you probably know, your skin secretes oil throughout the day through your pores. It does this as a means of protection, to guard your skin from bacteria, and as a way to keep your skin flexible and healthy. How much oil your skin produces is typically controlled by hormones, but environmental factors such as the weather, things that you eat, and things that you put on your skin affect it as well. 



When you clean your skin with a soap, the molecules that make up the soap essentially encapsulate the oils (along with the dirt and dead skin cells in your pores) on your skin, allowing them to be rinsed away with water. While this process does clean your skin, it also strips your pores of their natural oils leaving them dried out. If you have oily skin this can result in your pores sending a signal to produce more oil, leaving your face feeling like an oil slick after a few hours, and lead to more breakouts. If your skin leans more to the dry side, this cleaning process can leave your skin unable to produce enough oil to ever feel truly moisturized, resulting in easily damaged skin. An Oil Cleanser is a great alternative method!



Using the oil cleansing method is simple and can eliminate the need for multiple products in your facial routine, such as an extra moisturizer. And the best part is you never strip your pores.



You begin by applying a generous amount of oil to your face using clean hands. About 1 tablespoon of oil is typically plenty, even for heavy make-up users. This is about 3-4 droppers full when using our Cleansing Oils. Just like a foaming soap cleanser you want to massage the oil into your skin, ensuring that all edges of your face are covered, and continue to massage in the oil for at least a couple of minutes. This allows the oil to properly "mix" with the oils already on the surface of your skin, essentially diluting them, and collecting the dirt, dead skin cells, and make-up that might be there. At this point you'll take a hot, damp washcloth and gently wipe all the excess oil off your face. This will help to open your pores and allow more trapped dirt and bacteria to be wiped away. No splashing in the sink, no trying to keep the soap out of your eyes, just massage, wipe, and moisturize with a few drops of your cleansing oil. 



This method can be amazingly effective for all skin types, by allowing your pores to stay continually hydrated and refreshed with clean, skin loving, nutrient rich plant oils. Those with oily skin typically notice more even and manageable levels of oil on their skin, and those with drier skin typically notice more complete hydration. 



Wild House offers 3 varieties of Cleansing Oils, formulated for Oily, Combination, and Dry skin types. 



View our Happy Hippy Cleansing Oil here, made primarily with cold pressed, organic Hempseed Oil, for an extremely light, non-greasy blend, for Oily skin types. 



View our Flower Child Cleansing Oil here, made with a heavier blend of Apricot Kernel Oil and organic Argan oil for an easily absorbed oil made just for Combination (dry and oily patches) skin types. 



View our Black Gold Cleansing Oil here, made with a thick, yet well absorbed blend featuring Sweet Almond Oil infused with organic, fair-trade coffee for a hydrating oil perfect for dry skin types.  



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