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The Body Kit

The Body Kit

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Grab our two body products together and exfoliate and moisturize without added chemicals or preservatives. Start with a Body Scrub made from organic, fair-trade cane sugar and unrefined plant oils, then polish off all over with one of our Lotion Bars made with sustainably harvested carnauba wax for a protective, smooth finish.

Our Body Scrubs begin with organic, fair-trade sugar grains and dried botanicals are sprinkled in for an enticing visual and aromatic experience. We use 100% organic, un-refined plant oils and butters in our scrubs so you get the most nutrients out of every scoop. 

Happy Hippy- fresh and earthy with lightweight oils that quickly absorb

Flower Child- sweet, floral, and clean with more emollient oils

Black Gold- warm, strong coffee with thick, smooth shea

Our Lotion Bars are NOT a soap (and should never be used in the shower!) but rather a hard bar of oils, butters, and wax that softens on contact with your skin to leave a light layer of heavy-duty moisturizer without the greasy feel. 

Happy Hippy- fresh, green, and clean with a coconut oil base and lighter, drier oils

Flower Child- the signature sweet, floral scent with coconut and vitamin e rich argan oil

Black Gold- a comforting, warm blend of raw cocoa and coffee with deeply moisturizing butters

**you can find more in-depth descriptions and a complete list of ingredients on each product's individual listing**