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This company is proudly Woman and Veteran owned. After separating from the United States Marine Corps in 2017 I launched Wild House full-time. Each product is handcrafted from recipes of my own making, bringing you truly unique, scratch made body care. Your body deserves the best this earth has to offer, and we owe it to the wild world to leave her better than we found it. Natural and sustainable are not just catchy words to put on labels, they are the driving passions behind this brand and I thank you for letting me share that passion with you today. From our ingredient lists full of organic, fair-trade, and natural ingredients, to our packaging that is recyclable, reusable, and in the case of our Body Bars-100% compostable-we aim to bring you a product that is good for you, and good for the wild. When our products ship we pack them wrapped in newspapers, paper ads, and any paper packing materials our bulk ingredients come in, giving all of this paper that would ordinarily be thrown away a second life. We encourage our customers to recycle this paper through their city services, or use it to ship packages of their own. 

 Wild House is based in College Station, TX and while we don't have a brick and mortar location (yet!) we participate in numerous vendor events and markets all over South East Texas. We offer 50 cent returns on all used bottles and jars, in person, at any of our events and will clean and reuse these containers for new products. We can't wait to get wild with you!