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House of Earth

Follow the journey of House of Earth in real time as we develop our sister brand. 

brewed tea

House of Earth is our fledgling herbal tea shop. We'll be dropping updates as we test and taste a variety of blends in effort to create the perfect selection of teas we believe reflect our desire to simplify and enjoy life as it comes. Tentative release date for late summer/early fall 2020. 


All the herbs, spices, and fruits have finally arrived! Testing can finally begin. Among the bulk herbs we've selected are some traditional "teas" from other cultures outside of the Camellia sinensis tea monopoly. The green and black flavors are so common, we feel like there isn't much for us to add to the artistry in that department, so we're taking the road less traveled. We're trying out two herbs native to North and South America respectively, Yaupon, and Guayusa, which are also naturally caffeinated. We've also snagged Red Rooibos and Honeybush, which are commonly brewed African teas. These are some fantastic bases to start with as we blend in a variety of herbs. 


Tested a really great blend of spices and rooibos for a mellow, warm, chai-like flavor. Definitely keeping this blend for fine tuning.