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The 5% Project

For every purchase made, Wild House donates 5% of our profits to New Wave Feminists, a non-profit dedicated to non-violence, from the womb to the tomb. 

Our 5% will go directly through NWF to a women's shelter in Juarez, Mexico and purchase birthing bags, pain medication for laboring mothers, prenatal appointments, supplies for babies, and basic necessities such as food, clothing, and utilities. Read more about this specific shelter here.

When we learned about NWF's work in Juarez we were incredibly moved. Many of the women at this shelter are survivors of sexual assault, and other violent acts. Many of these women are migrants seeking asylum, and struggle to find adequate work to support themselves and their children while they navigate difficult legal avenues. One person, and one donation, can make a small difference, but a community together can uplift woman after woman, child after child, without borders, and without prejudice.