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Black Gold Lotion Bar

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Warmly scented in coffee and cocoa with a hint of citrus, the Black Gold Lotion Bar smells as comforting as it feels. Coffee infused Sweet Almond Oil, raw Shea, and fair-trade Cocoa Butter create our most moisturizing bar yet. Non-gmo Vitamin E from soy sources and plant based Carnauba Wax round out our 100% vegan Lotion bar. To use,simply rub the bar over your skin, allowing your natural body heat to melt a light layer of oils and wax that will form a protective barrier and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.


*Carnauba wax, *coffee infused sweet almond oil, *shea butter, *fair-trade cocoa butter, non-gmo vitamin e oil, *bergamot essential oil

*Organic ingredients