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Black Gold Body Scrub

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Made with the same fair-trade, organic coffee we use to infuse our sweet almond oil, and fair-trade, organic cane sugar, this scrub is perfect for smoothing away your rough edges. We use organic, unrefined shea butter packed with fatty acids and Vitamins E and A for exceptional moisture and nutrients for your skin. We've added sweet almond oil for penetrating the layers of your skin, giving you a healthy glow. Sweet almond oil is also high in zinc, making this scrub perfect for hands and feet to keep your nails healthy while you polish your skin. We know that coffee can be an overpowering scent for some people, so we've used just a touch of organic bergamot essential oil for a sweet hint of citrus. 

Available in a 4oz or 8oz glass jar with a metal lid, making this container 100% recyclable or reusable.