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Clay Mask Collection

Clay Mask Collection

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Can't decide on just one mask? Why not try all three! All of our masks come as dry powders so that we can make them 100% preservative free. Just mix a tablespoon of clay with enough water to form a smooth paste and apply. Don't try to store any leftover mixed clay, just make a fresh mask when you need one!

Happy Hippy Clay Mask
With antioxidant rich, and astringent ingredients like Green Tea and Aloe Vera, the Happy Hippy Clay Mask is built to bring life back to dull, tired skin. Whether your skin is suffering from stress, environment, or a bad case of the blah’s, give it a deep clean with this French Green Clay mask and you’ll feel brand new in no time. 

French green clay, *aloe vera leaf powder, *green tea powder
*Organic ingredients

Flower Child Clay Mask
Made for the dirtiest of pores, this mask featuring Bentonite Clay can draw those impurities right to the surface, leaving your skin clean at its deepest layers. Full of real, ground organic flowers, the Flower Child Clay Mask will sooth and relax not just your skin, but also your mind with its intoxicating floral scent.

Bentonite Clay, *pink roses, *lavender flowers, *calendula flower powder
*Organic ingredients

Black Gold Clay Mask
A gentle mask for irritated skin, The Black Gold Clay Mask is built to deeply clean without irritating sensitive skin. We use Rhassoul Clay, which is uniquely suited to those with more sensitive skin, while activated charcoal aides in pulling impurities to the surface from the layers of the skin. Coffee powder not only brings out the invigorating scent of a fresh brewed cup, but gives your skin a shot of antioxidants and caffeine right to the surface to brighten, tighten, and reduce the appearance of inflammation.

Rhassoul clay, *fair-trade coffee powder, activated charcoal
*Organic ingredients