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The Scrub Collection

The Scrub Collection

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All three of our original scrubs for smooth skin all day, every day. Be careful not to get water inside the jar and these 100% natural, preservative free scrubs will stay fresh down to the last grain of sugar. We recommend storing your scrubs in a dry area and never in your actual shower or bathtub to prevent contaminating the scrub.  

Happy Hippy Body Scrub
A smooth Hippy is a happy Hippy, and our scrub will get the job done. Scrub away your rough patches with fair-trade sugar, while lean, green Hempseed and Avocado oils penetrate deep into your skin for unbeatable softness. Since we never use synthetic fragrances, you can count on this scrub to leave you authentically fresh with a light, earthy blend of essential oils. 

 *Fair-trade cane sugar, *hempseed oil, *avocado oil, *lavender flowers, *green tea leaves, *tea tree essential oil, *lavender essential oil, *patchouli essential oil
*Organic ingredients

Flower Child Body Scrub
Sweet florals add natural fragrance and gentle exfoliation to our Flower Child Body Scrub. Massage the Vitamin rich oils, like organic Argan and Apricot Kernel, into your skin from head to toe so you can stay polished all day long.  

*Fair-trade cane sugar, *apricot kernel oil, *argan oil, *pink roses, *lavender flowers, *calendula flower powder, *ylang-ylang essential oil, *lavender essential oil, *palmarosa essential oil
*Organic ingredients

Black Gold Body Scrub
Raw Shea Butter and freshly ground fair-trade coffee for turning even your roughest skin baby soft. 

*Fair-trade cane sugar, *fair-trade coffee, *shea butter, *sweet almond oil, *bergamot essential oil
*Organic ingredients